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I’m screwed.
Drew Hayes just showed up on my doorstep.
My brother’s best friend.
The love of my life. My ex.

He gave me the only thing I’ve ever wanted, his heart.
Only to dump me six months later.
Five years have passed and I’m married now.

But when I tell him to leave, he does the opposite.
He storms into my life, tears down my walls, and
demands the one thing I won’t ever give him again.
My love.

He’s my past.
I can never trust him, not after he destroyed me.
Yet every time I look into his eyes, I see my future.

*Contains sensitive and mature topics. Recommended for ages 18 and older.*

Promising the Billionaire

It’s a simple business deal until things get personal.

Zachary Rothwell is one of Toronto’s most eligible bachelors and CEO of Rothwell Enterprises. He wears success like a well-tailored suit and confidence oozes from his every move. And he’s my last hope for dealing with my creepy landlord problem.

It turns out Zach has a problem of his own and sees a golden opportunity for each of us to get what we want.
To access his heavily guarded trust fund, he needs to be in a relationship. His proposition? I pretend to be his love interest and he’ll make my legal problem go away.

It’s a simple win-win situation.
If we promise to keep this strictly business, nothing can go wrong…
At least, that’s what I thought.

But when we’re forced to live together, my mind and body ache for things I’ve no business wanting. Namely, Zach.
And each day it gets harder to not break my promise because I’m no longer pretending.

Scoring the Player_audiocover

All my life I’ve been keeping score and living by the rules:

  1. Play it safe

  2. Stay out of trouble

  3. Hide who you really are

To win, I go unnoticed and it’s working.

Until my predictable, virginal life comes under attack.

Worst of all, I’m the threat.

 An escape to the cottage is the answer. 

Only, I’m not alone. 

Matthew Carruthers is here.

Pro football player. 

A six-foot-three slice of fun-loving sexy.

He’s everything I’ve never dared want and yet, I’m drawn to him.

 Both faced with a major life decision, we vow to help one another.

Instead of sticking to the rules, I’m breaking them.

And being bad never felt so good. 

 But this dream world can’t last. 

 We have responsibilities, and honoring them means we can’t be together. 

Yet I’m unsure how to go back to my rules or if I even want to.

Not when Matt could be the biggest win of all.

Stealing the Billionaire Audiobook

Broody billionaire Walker Drummond is way out of my league, but that’s easily forgotten when I literally fall at his feet—on my behind, my dress hiked to my hips—staring up at his irritatingly handsome face.


I’m a reluctant thief, and he should be off-limits, but underneath his hard exterior lies an adoring father and caring man. And the real jaw-dropper? He’s interested in me. 


None of this should matter since he has no use for relationships.

And despite the magnetism of his unwavering confidence and arresting blue eyes, I don’t do flings. 


We’re at a stalemate. Which is for the best.

Until surprisingly, he abandons his hard line on casual for me.

Blame it on lust or maybe it’s something more when I cast caution aside to be with him.


Still, I don’t belong in his world. 

Nor do I know how to play the game. 


The thing with games? Only one person wins.


While Walker keeps his heart safely guarded, convinced I’ll steal it, I’m the one who stands to lose it all. 


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