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Money is my mistress. 

Solving problems, my trade.

Until the tables turn, and trouble finds me. 

Now on the run, I need a plan. But not before I’m blindsided by a pain-in-the-ass stranger. 


Curves, startling blue eyes, and she hates me.

I don’t trust her and with good reason.

My plan is simple: use her. 

Then I kiss her. Touch her.

Crave her.

She was my way out, now she’s my downfall. 


She’s too smart, too pretty and too good for a thug like me.

Caro Archer loved me once then left me in the wreckage.  

Now she’s back with danger on her heels and my heart in her hands.

Her safety should be my top priority.

Only Caro has other plans.

She wants to give us a second chance. 

The part of me that aches for more wants to give in.

But I’m the same man she turned her back on all those years ago—the same brute she left in the dust.

What makes her think things will be different this time?

Especially when it’s more than my heart on the line?Second chances don’t come easy for a man like me.

This time, I might not survive.

Nomad audiocover

I wanted to stay but left to keep her safe, only to return with a world of danger. 

I’m a wanderer with no roots and no future.

She’s a nurturer with dreams of a home filled with family. 

We never stood a chance. 

Or at least that’s what I tell myself. 

I left her. 

No note. 

No text or call.

No explanation. 

It had to be like that—the only way to keep her safe. 

Until danger drags me back into town and my worst fear comes true. 

Willow’s life is in the hands of a ruthless bully.

While we race to uncover my family’s deadly secrets and end the threat, her distrust eats at me.

I can’t blame her. 

I lied to her, broke her trust, maybe even her heart, though I did it for the right reasons. Determined to do everything in my power to protect her, I’m forced to face a bitter truth. 

I don’t deserve her and she may never forgive me, but I can’t walk away.

Griffin audiocover.jpg

After one electrifying kiss, I’ll risk everything to protect Cora Jennings. 

I don’t know why I care about her; she’s a stranger.
But something in her striking green eyes draws me in.
She’s caught in a web of secrets and lies.
A ruthless killer hunts her.
He’ll stop at nothing to have her.
And neither will I.

Together, on the run, our connection grows stronger.
I’m not a man who falls easily.
Yet Cora has me on my knees.

We’re opposites in every way.
Evil always finds me.
I’m a dangerous man and wrote off love long ago.
Still, my darkness craves her sunshine.

I’m no white knight, but Cora makes me want to be one. 

*Contains sensitive and mature topics. Recommended for ages 18 and older.*

Zero audiocover.jpg

Zero’s an arrogant, enigmatic, dangerous hacker.

He wants to protect me.


He’s too late. I’m a lost cause.

I narrowly escaped death only to now live on a knife’s edge, constantly checking the shadows for monsters.

And I can’t trust him.

He knows far too much about me, and I know nothing about him.

Even still, this inscrutable stranger burrows his way under my skin and into my heart.

With only a look, Zero makes me feel more alive than ever before.

And that’s the problem.

I should be dead.I’m the aftermath of a tragedy.


A victim.

But he calls me a survivor.

He’s wrong.

There’s no way I’ll cheat death twice, not when it’s breathing down my neck. 

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