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All of You

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Over a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the second grade, I gave Wren Tyler my heart. 


I never wanted it back, even when time, distance, and fate kept us apart—

because even as a kid, I knew I'd love that girl forever. 


It’s not until years later that we finally have a chance to be together. 




I’ve waited patiently through every obstacle and impossibility, and nothing is going to mess up my chance at a future with Wren. 


Unfortunately, my vengeful ex-fiancée has other plans. 


Already embroiled in a battle for my business, my ex sets her sights on Wren. 

She slings lies and threats like well-aimed arrows, intent on ruining me and destroying the woman I love.  

Each attack tests our newfound love, and instead of weathering the storm… 


Wren might just decide I'm not worth the risk.

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