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Hot and frenetic, baby, that’s you and me. 

USA TODAY bestselling author S.M. West pens an emotional and captivating grumpy/sunshine romance that will hook you from the first page.

Tiny cut-off jean shorts, scuffed cowboy boots, tousled red hair, and the fire in her hazel gaze.
I’m a goner the second I lay eyes on Pansy, and it has nothing to do with being nearly run over by her car.
That’s fate, bringing us together.
I don’t believe in that stuff but can’t deny it.

She’s the sunshine to my broody growl.
And more times than I want to admit, we’re at each other’s throats.
Or more like, I rant and she calms me down.
I can’t get her out of my head and desperately want her in my bed.

But she has plans. None of which include a soon-to-be-retired rockstar.
It doesn’t matter how long it takes.
I’ll wait for her.
She’s my home. 

Little do I know, the universe conspires to keep us apart. 

"This book has tons of heart, just the right amount of angst, and amazing characters that sneak into your heart. Absolute must read!!" BookAddict Romance Blog

"A beautiful love story that everyone should dive into!"

-Villainous Vixen


Narrated by Callie Dalton

& Jacob Morgan

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