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The Cowboy Hitch

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One reckless, mind-blowing night with the sexiest man in town.

That’s all I wanted. I got it and then some. Now I’m pregnant with my future at stake. 


Ridge Kincaide.



Sinfully possessive.


His family is small town royalty and I’m from the proverbial wrong side of the tracks.

We don’t mix, and a baby is the last thing either of us needs. 


But when I tell him the news, he claims to want us both. 


Determined to win me over, he entices me with the idea of a home and life for us and our child. 

Call it hormones, lust, or insanity, but my heart’s all in—even if my head knows better. 


No doubt Ridge could give me the family I've never had and always wanted. 

But how can I trust the future he promises—or more importantly, him?


Life has taught me one sure thing. Nothing this good is ever real.

He’s a Kincaide and bound to ruin me.

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