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Made to Love

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Love and “happily ever after” have no place in my life.

Motherhood and marriage defined me.
Now divorced by choice, I’ve reinvented myself, pouring my heart into my business.
Then Samson Beaulieu walks into my life and turns everything upside down.
Instead of running, I indulge in him.
He’s delectable and fun and that’s all we can ever be.
Because there’s no doubt this younger, sexy man will break my heart.

I’m what you’d call a reluctant celebrity.

Cooking is my passion, but fame is a constant with foodies
flocking for selfies and autographs.
Then Olivia Cassidy walks into my restaurant and turns everything upside down.
She gives me a chance, but not her heart.
And that’s not good enough.
I want her more than any restaurant or TV deal.

Walking away isn’t an option.

"This book has it all- but at the core of it, it has heart. For family,

and for a second chance at love."

- The Reading Escapade Book Blog

"One of the most romantic, heartfelt, consuming novels out there!

Simply mesmerizing, intoxicating, and heartbreaking all in one."

- Romance Rebels Blog


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