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Stealing the Billionaire

Stealing the Billionaire

Broody billionaire Walker Drummond is way out of my league, but that’s easily forgotten when I literally fall at his feet—on my behind, my dress hiked to my hips—staring up at his irritatingly handsome face.


I’m a reluctant thief, and he should be off-limits, but underneath his hard exterior lies an adoring father and caring man. And the real jaw-dropper? He’s interested in me. 


None of this should matter since he has no use for relationships.

And despite the magnetism of his unwavering confidence and arresting blue eyes, I don’t do flings. 


We’re at a stalemate. Which is for the best.

Until surprisingly, he abandons his hard line on casual for me.

Blame it on lust or maybe it’s something more when I cast caution aside to be with him.


Still, I don’t belong in his world. 

Nor do I know how to play the game. 


The thing with games? Only one person wins.


While Walker keeps his heart safely guarded, convinced I’ll steal it, I’m the one who stands to lose it all. 


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