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The Cowboy Bargain

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The Cowboy Bargain

A bargain with an expiration date and we both get what we want. 

That’s what I agreed to. That’s what he promised.


Brooks Kincaide.




And far too sexy for his own good.


He’s now my husband—even if our union is fake and our families hate each other.


Our deal helps us both.

No strings. No sex. And no falling in love. 

We’re strictly business.

I save my ailing ranch and Brooks takes control of Canyon Spring—his rightful legacy.


But we soon realize we have more in common than boiling family tensions and a shared property line.

I can’t stop thinking about him, and though I pretend not to like it, every time he calls me darlin’, I get weak in the knees.


Now the lines between business and marriage blur, and that’s when everything falls apart.

I should have known better than to make a deal with a Kincaide.

Or more like the devil.


Because I stand to lose not only my ranch, but also my heart.

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