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Captive Night

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I'm used to living a lonely, isolated life. I'm nothing more than a dirty little secret, and a pawn used in a twisted game of power. 

My half-brother is saddled with the burden of taking care of me, making sure I don't land in the hands of our enemies. While he's away on his honeymoon he hires a bodyguard to take care of me. 

Davis Cooper, AKA the hot as hell ex-FBI agent. 

My attraction to him is instant, but his cold disregard for me is annoyingly obvious. It triggers the rebel in me, and fuels me into doing things a girl like me should never do. 

Childish? Maybe. But behind the stone-cold façade Davis wears so well I can see there's a warm-blooded man waiting to devour me. He just needs a little nudge in the right direction—my direction.

Unfortunately, I manage to land myself in a heap of trouble. Now, what started out as little game of push and pull between us, changes into a bloody game of survival.

"Gets better and better with each book!" - Jillian

"I’m so in love with this series. The characters are brilliant.

The storyline is fantastic." - Mandy


Narrated by Caitlin Elizabeth

& Jakobi Diem

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