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Narrated by Lauren Sweet 

& Troy Duran

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My life has been destroyed by two men. One, my hero. The other, my worst nightmare.

I taste the bitterness of betrayal every day as my body bleeds, suffering the touch of my enemy. It’s a fate chosen for me by others and it’s not something I can escape. At least, not yet.

I’m determined to survive, my need for vengeance feeding me. I’ll play this game until every piece is in place so I can break them all.

My plan includes Rylan Wolfe, the FBI agent eager to strike a deal. I give him the information he needs to take down a criminal threat, and he gives me the satisfaction of bringing my enemies to their knees.

But my hunger for justice won’t be sated until they’ve burned to ash. And for my plan to succeed I have no choice but to deceive Rylan—the one man who manages to thaw the ice in my veins.

In the end I’ll have to decide whether the revenge I’ve dreamt of for so long is worth losing the man who might be able to free my heart.

"Every element of this book is designed to have you thinking, to have you feeling, and to keep you glued to the words on the page."

- Foxy Blogs

"Gripping, well written and action-packed, this story of surviving, finding love and learning to move on kept me at the edge of my seat with its enthralling plot and well-portrayed characters from beginning until the end." - Steamy Reads 


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